Yasmin Karachiwala is the most sought-after celebrity fitness trainer in Bollywood. | Yasmin Karachiwala


Yasmin Karachiwala is also the first BASI certified Pilates instructor in India, and established the first Pilates studio in Bombay. Asked with whose transformation she was really proud of, Yasmin Karachiwala replied: “All my clients work extremely hard. It’s not easy with their schedules but they are all dedicated to their workouts and I’m proud of them.” Yasmin Karachiwala, who happens to be Katrina Kaif’s trainer, says given a choice, the actor would never exercise. She says, “She dislikes working out. But being in an industry where acting, looking good and having a super body is a prerequisite, one is left with no choice. The important thing is to choose the right exercise and trainer.”