2The much hyped prestigious platform Shaan-e-Pakistan’s upcoming music achievements #SEPMA2019 strongly condemns and denounces that India and some of the Indian artists are fueling an extremely negative political sentiment between both the countries which is rather unfortunate because art and talent must propagate peace and love rather than hatred and animosity. Huma Nassr from Shaan-e-Pakistan has just announced that at this stage the current sentiments on both side will no longer be able to host and provide hospitality to our Indian Counterpart. As much as this de aligns our vision of people to people relation1 without boundaries, we do feel the event was always created for showcasing Subcontinent in positive light hence we have decided to remove the Indian Artists from our upcoming show immediately that is to be held in Lahore in the last week of March. The event is about lauding talented artists from the music industry and will continue to go with or without the cross border talent.



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