Javed Bashir : The Music Producer for “ Ek Shaam Pakistan Ke Naam ”


The multi-dimensional platform Shaan-e-Pakistan led by the power house Huma Nassr of Braahtii, earlier announced its landmark third season set to take place in Karachi, Pakistan, from 6th till 8th of September 2017; the Shaan-e-Pakistan Luxury Privé Edition 2017. With the fashion force Ali Xeeshan as the creative show director for the fashion segment; Huma Nassr now announces the music maestro Javed Bashir as the music producer for the official song“ Yeh Hai Shaan-e-Pakistan” and the iconic musical night “Ek Shaam Pakistan Ke Naam”.

Huma Nassr and Javed Bashir - Shaan-e-Pakistan [F]

Javed Bashir has previously been seen in Coke Studio and has worked as a composer in several international projects as well.

“We welcome Javed Bashir to the Shaan-e-Pakistan family as the music producer and composer for our music segment Ek Shaam Pakistan Ke Naam. This night in our last seasons was led by the late Amjad Sabri in Delhi and then Rekha Bharadwaj in Lahore and in line with our tradition this year we have Javed Bashir on board. When planning the show this year, we envisioned greater creativity and edge along with the traditional sound of the sub-continent to this night, following late Amjad Sabri’s demise the only person that could perform at the same level as the late Qawwali maestro is Javed Bashir. I am of the view that the strength of any project or platform is in its people and talent which is why each year with Shaan-e-Pakistan we see an evolution in terms of outlook, stronger partners and talent. Javed Bashir will also be accompanied by International artists on stage at EkShaam Pakistan KeNaam. Indeed, EkShaam Pakistan keNaam will be a musical night to remember.”said HumaNassr, founder of the Shaan-e-Pakistan platform

Speaking on his association with the platform, Javed Bashir has said: “The name of the show Shaan-e- Pakistan says it all, as an artist one is always working towards bringing pride to the nation. I would like to congratulate and thank Huma Nassr on starting this project and giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. Shaan-e-Pakistan is very special for me because I have put my heart and soul in this project as the official music composer for Day 1 “EkShaam Pakistan KeNaam”.

Shaan-e-Pakistan Luxury Privé Edition – Season 3 is an evolution of the first two editions, endeavoring to showcase the prowess of Pakistan’s fashion / cultural / art/ music / cuisine being held in Pakistan this year, a truly premium event. This season also brings in big names from across borders that include, fashion designers, actors, singers, hosts, choreographers and many more. This will be the first time Javed Bashir will be the official music producer and composer of such a show.

The official song “YehHaiShaan-e-Pakistan” featuring Javed Bashir is his rendition of a classical number; which has been created with a 21 member orchestra troupe. The song has been written, composed and sung by Javed Bashir; Amir Azhar is on the guitar and bass, he has also done the music arrangement and recording with Adnan Gill. The song has been mixed and mastered by Adnan Gill at Alfa Production Pakistan. On the violins there is; Muhammad Saleem Khan; Ilyas Bhatti; Sakhwat Ali; Ghulam Rasool; Zahid Nazir; ZeeshanSikandar. On the dholak there is Khursheed ul Hasan. The chorus and claps are by; Gulam Hasan; Kashif Ali; Ahmad Hasan; Asif Ali; Junaid Ali.

To this end, 2017’s three-day event will open with Shaan-e-Pakistan’s signature and coveted ‘EkShaam Pakistan keNaam’ celebration focusing on musical collaborations led by Javed Bashir and joining him will be other artists from India and Pakistan. It is poignant to note that this same night in 2015 was headlined by the late Amjad Sabri who left Indian audiences spellbound with his Kalaams for a night of spiritual beauty and then in Lahore in 2016 by Indian music maestro Rekha Bhardwaj.

Days two and three will feature an elaborate fashion show with International and Pakistani designers sharing the stage to present luxury and bridal collections for the 2017/2018 season. Day three will also host agrand solo fashion showcases featuring a duo of the finest fashion ateliers from across the region.

Season 3 of Shaan-e-Pakistan has Bull’s Eye Communications as event partners with media management by Lotus Client Management & Public Relations.

Information on participating designers, artists, experts and partners along with further event information will be released soon.