The story of HUM TV’s play Tabeer is an intertwined story of two couples Fawad and Zarnish and Yasir and Tabeer. Fawad is Yasir’s employer and both of them are caring husbands. In an unfortunate accident, Tabeer loses her husband and starts living with her grandmother along with her newborn son. Realizing the hardships a widow has to face in the society, Fawad gives her a cheque of a huge amount but fate had more sufferings for Tabeer and her sister’s greedy brother-in-law Ajju steals the cheque. Unable to cash the cheque, Ajju tears it in frustration causing more troubles for Tabeer who is thrown out of the house by her landlord for not paying the rent on time. On the parallel side of the story, Fawad loses his wife in childbirth and his newborn son needs the love and care of a mother to survive. Tabeer decides to help Fawad for the kindness and support the he has shown her by taking care of his newborn son but, her decision puts her own son’s life in jeopardy at the hands of Ajju.

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Will Tabeer ever find the peace and happiness that she deserves?

What fate will Ajju endure for the troubles he had created for Tabeer?

To find out, watch Tabeer only on HUM.

Writer: Imran Ashraf

Director: AehsunTalish

Production: MD Productions & Fars Entertainment.

Cast: Shehzad Sheikh, Iqra Aziz, Ali Safina, Hajra Yameen, Aamir Qureshi, Zainab Ahmed, Azra Mansoor, Seemi Pasha, Ayesha Khan, Imran Ashraf ,Mizna Waqas, Aehsun Talish and others.