Here’s Why Ramzan Chhipa Has Taken Tree Plantation Seriously | Ramzan Chhipa


Tree Plantation offers numerous benefits to the mankind and we all are well aware about these. We also know that a little effort made by each one of us can make a huge difference to the overall environment on Earth.

As already descried the importance of trees and benefits of trees, there are also numeral of the benefits of the trees except mention above such as Save Water, conserve energy, reduce violence, add unity, provide wood and save earth from an earthquake. You should participate in to “Save Trees to Save Life”. Save trees to reduce global warming, reduce the carbon footprint and pollution as well as a clean environment.

Trees serve as a habitat for birds as well as a number of animals. Some of these animals include tree kangaroo, tree frog, spider monkey, flying lemur, green tree python and koala. They live on and around the trees and also get food from them. Some of these relish the fruits they bear while others love having the green leaves they are full of.

As a Pakistani, it is our responsibility to make our country cleaner and greener; for this we must take an oath and plant at least one tree so that tomorrow our kids and newer generation will get benefited from these trees, their shadows, and a better environment. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa one of the prominent names from the social welfare workers has taken this very seriously and strongly thinks that clean and green Pakistan is the guarantee of a prosperous and progressive future.

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Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa also added that people should come forward and stay united to support Pakistan Government’s this much needed and significant step by planting trees and taking care of them in their respective ways. By planting at least one tree, you can play a very essential role for your country’s better environment.

So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to act and become the part of Government of Pakistan’s Tree Plantation drive just like Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa did.